Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reeds Law

Since I have started to write so much about blogs and blogging. Current estimates say that about 32 million Americans are reading blogs on a regular basis. Every day the number of blogs getting added to the technorati list is rising exponentially so there is nothing unbelievable right now about blogs and the world.


Reeds law is exactly a quantitative formulation of these facts, According to him the utility of a social network will increase with the size of the network. What he says is that the number of sub groups possible for a network of N people is 2^N –N -1 which is definitely higher than one man to another mapping or ( N  * (N-1) ) / 2 or the number of people on the network which is N.

So this is the mathematical logic behind the derivation. He comes to the conclusion that the number of subgroups possible can be stated as  follows:


Take each one , lets say A elements from a group N . The can either be in one sub group or not, thus increasing the total chances of one being a member of a group being 2^N, remove the ones where there are singletons, you will get the figure

2^N – N – 1.  Well, this law can also be formed from the Metcalfes law, which is completely based on the fact that the utility grows with the size. He comes to the conclusion about 2^N possible connections.


Blogging it seems is serious business in the schools nowadays. I will keep posting about whatever information and bits and pieces I get about the blogging phenomenon in my blog from now on.

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