Friday, May 23, 2008

Star Ananda

CPM has lost 4 zillas this time ( May2008 Panchayat Election )

There are hundreds of explanations as to how they stay afloat in the state. Though it seems reports are coming that last election they had told the local illeterates that the fisrt button they press in the Electronic Ballot boxes to test whether that is working or not. But  that was the one that is supposed to register the vote and that is it, Everybody voted them.


Some people say that when the testing was going on , people tested the boxes by pressing the buttons some 10-15 times, but they carefully set the internals to  work only for them after 300 presses, So it goes .


The democratic country has come to a stage where it does not matter how many scams get caught, How many people are exposed on TV. WE have seen politicians rather boasting about their jail trips. It is not the time for political martyrdom,  it is the time to encash your social networking skills in side jail.

They get to meet their close and near and dear ones. One might not be surprised to see two old friends spending some nice time in the jails in India.

They look forward to it sometimes.

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