Sunday, May 25, 2008

My attempt at cartooning

I tried my best to find some time to pursue my hobby this weekend. I f I were to give a break up of all the things that I did in the last two days you might take me for a workaholic.

But yes, within the small gaps that the week provides in the weekends, I tend to be losing them too. In this way I will never turn up cartooning. Still I tried this thing about America being sick , with Ms Liberty ( Also known as putli bai in US  by the desis ) , I tried to picture her with a thermometer in her mouth and her other hand in which she usually has the book in a sling. She is holding a saline water bottle in other hand in which she holds a torch.  I tried to do a pencil work and then tried to scan it. It did not hold that good.

Yesterday I went to Odyssey , Walden and Crossword . These places don’t have enough stuff related to cartooning. It seems that a shop near to my office in Begumpet called the Deccan Store opposite to Meena Baazar on the way to Ameerpet has some stuff.

I am now flying off to Bangalore , I will come back and try to get back to it.


There is a store behind Dadus in Paradise, which seems to be having some stuff  for painting. I will also search landmark in Bangalore for the stuff. There is a site that talks about comic plasq for Mac notebooks. Right now I am using XP and think Flash should be a good tool for the same. There are no good examples of flash generated cartoons . But yes the flash movies looks good. Will keep you posted

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