Thursday, May 29, 2008

All that crap

These are some of the promises and the dreams that people show to sell their tools online


  • All that stress suddenly vanishes
  • You can fire your boss and tell him where to shove it
  • Take holidays whenever you want and for as long as you want
  • Be proud of the car and house that you actually own
  • Give your children a rich, fun and fulfilling childhood ...

And now I have found  that even people on Orkut are joining these groups larger numbers

They  are setting regular meetings online and offline. That looks odd, I actually did not think that there is so much hype about making money online when webmasters confess that it is becoming difficult for them too.

I have asked people with popular mails and blogs whether they are really make more money.  It seems not, bigger players are all having a roll with broad platforms to advertise their websites and find more and more people register to write for their under a paid source.





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