Monday, May 26, 2008

Patterns in reading

I did some more research  to find out about the reading patters online for various people. There is a huge bunch of data that needs to be analyzed but most of us will be looking towards a quick glance and tell kind of data.


See this site for more data


I have also found some publications but they come at a cost. Advertisers are increasingly moving towards finding out the general patterns in reading and they need to know the correct location that gives them a better chance for publicity. This comes in handy for major newspapers too. The reason for these studies to be charged may be due to the fact that revenues are generated and directly linked to their location in a web page.


It seems that the F pattern or a non linear pattern of reading is visible for people reading  online and newspaper readers generally follow a linear pattern. Thus a avid newspaper reader may be able finish a newspaper with 20k words faster than a ebook with same number of words. Whereas it goes the other way for the ebook reader , though it has not caught up as a trend yet  it has serious implications for the web programs

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LiteralDan said...

I think your description of the different reading patterns online and in print is very apt, particularly for me.