Monday, June 16, 2008

Ai hairathey

Ai hairathey aashiqui , jagah aah mat.

Hariharan at his best. Guru is one movie that stands out in the series of movies that Abhishek Bachchan made with is one pack ab.


1:05 am in the morning with me on a fone conference . Having put it to mute I have nothing else to do other than this song which is the only one running currently. The other songs have somehow vanished from the musicindiaonline servers.


Mighty busy these days. Today we went to this small place called the Haka in RMZ. For 99 a plate for the buffet , it was a treat for many of us. The food was ok and the non veg was the main attraction. I did not like the over crowded ness of the place.

In India, anything good comes up , and soon it is marred by the population  , huge population  of this country. ATMs made banking easy and soon you stand in line. Deccan started a new revolution of cheap flights and soon a whole crowd made your life through serpentine queues and waiting in the airports a difficult time. I even saw a bunch of boys fighting over the plane luggage a few days back. In one Deccan flight I saw a handkerchief in  one of the seats to show that that seat was occupied and the owner had left to attend natures call.


Well, when one comedy formula succeeds , ten others come out to eat the charm away, when Golmaal released, it sparked out, Dhol, Dhamaal, One two three, krazzy 4. Why will people not generalize us?


braga said...

In India, anything good comes up , and soon it is marred by the population...

but isnt it logical ? business are able to give good quality at cheap price only if they generate high demand. low margin * high volume = good profit.

Rahiakil said...

Well, Braga,
there is a good and bad side to everything.

The bad thing is that, too much competition and too many people will definitely increase the amount of junk, the level of difficulty for talent to rise, and extra useless head ache for the price of nothing.
Too many people, means too many old people tomorrow.
Too many businesses means too many losses and yes talent will always rise through and the best may win but that necessarily mean a doom for the average,

the world is supposed to be a living place for the average and they should be entertained by the genius of their time