Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working on a Thursday

Not that many software engineers in India actually look forward for a weekend or something like that. We actually have less places to go around when you really come to see it from my eyes.


Malls are as disgusting as it could be. They are places full of sham and wrong perceptions. Beauty of a place is still judged in India by the quality of the tiles and marble you chose to put there. Average malls will slowly start being a regular hangout. We Indians have been hoarding for a long time and we have it deep inour minds that yes we have to save for old age. There is nothing called as old age security in our country. People are able to provide for the poor children what do you expect to be done for the old in India.


Through all the hype that The news channels create and the IMF report yesterday that Indians are hoarding grains, my question is why on earth do we not feel it. If something develops it becomes to too difficult to sustain. If there is a new road there are hundreds of vehicles. Why being a youth in India you feel cheated. Why not standing in a H1 Visa line not makes you feel patriotic. Why is that you know what is going to happen if you try to make a change. There is no mass thinking and no community intention in this country to keep it where it is. Not all politicians are as bad.


I am only hinting at the WE . The WE is bad in this country. Yes, the WE , who will adjust to anything when in happens in a bigger way but small things and petty stuff is all we bother about.
There is a saying in Bengali that you will never see the Elephant moving in front of your eyes but the mosquito that just flew behind your back matters to you . Petty fogging has led us to a country which is now running news channels that will go the extent showing crimes which does not really matter. I have been trying to say this for a long time , that murder coming out of unrequited love is not a crime to be horrified of. That person who did that may not even kill a fly in other times, but smitten in love and crimes of passion are some thing else. They are not the criminals you can fight by showing a news report. If that has to happen it will inspite of all you do.


The crime that you need to focus is the crime that we as a country do. How the youth feels in this nation , how it is getting increasingly looked down upon. For an example I went to this building the other day, it seems that old man sitting outside was given instructions that no bachelors allowed. I don’t blame him but the real mistake here is the situation that has been created over the years.

Why so ?

Think about it. I know where the problems all started but it sounds cheap and I will not put it here

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