Sunday, June 1, 2008

For books

Guys  ,
By now you would have found hundreds of ways to get e books online  right. Bit torrents, e book depositories, Rapid share, and friends and communities.
So many ways, there are hard disks full of books standing there in all the computers out there, Every body has a mini computer library . Today I went to Crosswords in Brigade road. Spent all day there, trying to find out cartooning material. Got hold of some 2 B , 2HB and dark Apsaras ( extra dark pencils ). I also got hold of some of those triangular pencils, these might turn out goood for better grip.
But Crossword did not have anything for the painters ( the painting tools are pretty novice ) Though the Staedlter pencil series ( though a bit costly were good ) . The AC there made my head heavy ( there must be some amount of control on the humidity that people put while trying to make a centralized AC thingy. I have felt the difference pretty much in many of the goold old hotels, where you will not feel a head heaviness and dizziness that comes with the bad Air conditioning,
Well coming back to books. I did find some good books on mashups but since the price was 449 I did not buy it there. I relied on a friend of mine who did tell me about this gigapedia sites. That was a real help for me. I also got this O Reilly thingy on PhP in that site. That is a cool one.
But one thing for sure. There is nothing like a book to hold when reading about anything. ( I mean anything ) though a new class of e book readers are coming up , we the old school people will always linger around a book store isnt it

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