Saturday, June 7, 2008

SEO tip

Finally, I came to know this.
The first thing about SEO is get your URL to reflect what you write. Currently my blog is listed in the top 22 of the results for C puzzles and it is difficult to get exposure this way. I seem to be having better material than many people online since the ones I have on C++ are really the result of studying C++ and seeing it work in major projects.  But the URL seems to be the road block in my case.
Try searching for C puzzles and you will find all urls with relevant names to be on the top 10 list.
But the ones in the second page have less material than I have but the URL seems to be getting in more traffic for the same. In the mean time I am seeing a reducing influx over the last few weeks. Yesterday the number of unique visitors I got is less than 10 and it was as high as 33 in the middle of the week. Today I complete one month of Blogging.
Tomorrow is a sunday and I am planning to put more puzzles with time.

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Anonymous said...

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