Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some reviews on the new blackberry from a friend

To start with, I didnt have to buy this phone but got it from my office. So whatever I say, will be entirely a user's experience and without any bias towards the M

factor. I will try my utmost not to whine about the cost and convey the truth, the absolute truth and only the truth, so help me God !
I have been using this model since about a year, now and I wonder Why the Hell did I accept it from my office, in the 1st place ??? What had gotten into my techy

brain that I gave up a sleek and $exy Nokia6080, for this electronic piece of brick ?
Its signal reception is horrible and so is battery  life. I have never been able to talk for more than an hour, on it, as I need to attend conference calls from home, on my

cellphone. Its so heavy that if I clip the holster to the side pocket of my jeans, I feel like I have my pocket full of big stones. Anyone who has seen the final bicyle-

practice done by Amir Khan in the movie "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar", will know how it probably feels when you are cycling with weights tied to your ankles; well, in

my case, just move the weights up to my waist and the feel is the same !
The Bluetooth reception sucks bigtime !!! You cant take the bluetooth headset beyond a 2-metre radius without the reception going nuts or the call disconnecting. If

you use applications like Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger on it, then you need to be a Big favorite of the Gods to have a proper hang-free usage for even 15

minutes at a stretch. I have come to hate the blue-hourglass icon it shows when its busy, 'coz it  does it so often and my chatmates keep Buzzing me about why I am

late in replying; let them try to chat from this heavy@$$ junk, someday and they will know why !
One day, when I was removing it from the holster, it slipped from my hand and fell on my feet and that moment I FOUND AN ENTIRELY NEW WORLD OF

I realised that this set can be used not only for amrginal cellular communication but also, very effectively, as a Personal Defense Weapon (or PDW, as Heckler and

Koch prefers the acronym).
In India, we do not have usage of non-lethal weapons like Mace/pepepr-Spray or Tasers, yet. But who needs one when your handy 7100G can create an

irrecoverable consussion on your attacker's head and make him amnesiac about his past life of crime ??? You save not just your own life and property but also the

other poor fellow's soul from a lifetime involvement in crime ! isnt that worth all the pain inflicted on your cellular experiences ?
All you have to do, is practise 30 minutes, every day, on how to accurately hit this brick on a person's head within an effective range of 2 feet. It can be used as a

throwing weapon also but lack of aerodynamics can limit accuracy and the only damage inflicted, will be momentum-based impact as it is so heavy. But whats wrong

in trying, eh ?
So, all things said an done, I like thie device for the wrong reasons, as I am still trying to recover from finger and wrist injury incurred by its extremely non-ergonomic

keypad. Hyderabad is still a comparatively safe city, as far as individual crime is concerned, so I never actually got to test my self-defense theories using my

Blackberry 7100G. I hope you neevr have to use it in this way but I urge all of you to keep a piece handy. Its the same concept as a condom....better to have it and

not need it than need it but not have it.
So help you God, as I rest my case.


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