Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adsense for search

I got my SE Optimization report from google adsense this month. They have asked me to add Adsense for search on my blog too. There seems to be some problem trying to get the code for it
If you come over to the point in the picture, you may have to give a name to your search engine, but whenever I do that I get an error box that tells me that Error in the operation and that I should come back some other time.
This is sometimes frustrating. Since my blog is not a hot pick in terms of Adsense search and other niche blogging areas I am still getting hits because of the C puzzles , so SEO still not a choice for me because I dont have a high traffic blog yet.
One news that I would like to share is that google has reduced the effective area on the ads that will get your click through in the ad banners. This was done in November last year , This actually has raised a concern over most of the Adsense forums, since incomes have dropped for many ex adsense fans. I am not bothered since being new to it, everything is just for fun.
Google shares have also dropped over the period since last November when they did cutoff the actual area of the ads that are clickable.

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