Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monday morning , 3:55 in the morning

Slept so much on the Sunday , that now I dont get any sleep.
Well all in good. Just finished the two editions of Saira Khans, discovery of Pakistan .
She starts off from Karachi to Lahore to Islamabad, from Begum Nawaiz Khan to the artists life in Karachi to the red light area in Lahore, she did take me to a complete tour of the country,

She got down for a tea somewhere between Islamabad and Hunza, the stares she received and the way she interpreted it, trust me, will take this to folklore,
The whole thing came too late, if you were to ask me. From a candid interview of the Premier Pervez Musharaf to the Imarn Khan on road in a protest , I think this two episodes elevates my view of Discovery Chanel by many a mile.
The journalism involved and the message is so strong . They way she ends the journey in the valley of Kashmir paying her respect to her fathers tomb , nothing more visibly stong and moving has ever been made on television. I will happily pay 200 rupees for these episodes in any given theater. Trust me

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