Sunday, June 15, 2008

One more mistake about blogging I learnt

Today I went to this friends place to check out his new room. Well guess what , he was spending time or trying to spend time on an idle Sunday afternoon by blogging. He was actually doing it on Wordpress.

Though Wordpress actually hosts some of the most famous blogs but it seems that the widgets for wordpress have to integrated with quite a bit of negotiation for you. Many of us are not conversant with HTML to the extent of making things as we want. So the world of better or good looking blogs will be left at the mercy of Google helping its users.

Well coming to the point of the blog, I actually changed the name of the post for which I was getting the most number of clicks and slowly the growth of the blog has climbed down.
Last week I got about 500 hits a day and now it has come down to about 20 a day. So that explains a lot of things, You should not change the names, trust me, it hurts when a month long publicity effort actually goes down the drain.

I went to Higging Bothams today in search of this pens with flat nibs , the ones that are required for calligraphy, I actually wanted to go to Gangarams on MG road but it was closed ( it seems it is closed on all Sundays ) . I ened up in Higgin Bothams. I will paste or put my pictures for flat nibbed pens in the next post .

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