Saturday, June 7, 2008

Senior people in Software now in Jail

Software people are not only eating jobs in US, they are eating the criminals share too.
Some techies are not nabbed for having extorted money from people using techie stuff which they learned from Hollywood movies.
We are not inspired by Holly wood when it comes to bollywood movies, but even in crime.
See !! if you put too much technical funda in a movie . Hindi movies will show you a lot of crime, murder, cheating, gore , what ever you want, but they will never show you the means. If you are not an Indian or do not know of Hindi movies, let me tell you a fact. For a long time, whenever the hero and heroine had to do some scene in which the distance between the two were to reduce to negative lenghts, you wont believe they would outsource it to two flowers touching each other, or two birds doing the coochycoo act.
And that kept me wondering for a long time until ofcourse it was a well made english movie of the azure kind that completely came to my rescue.
Now, hollywood movies put too much research on whatever they do. Movies like Shawshank redemption completely  removes all chances of a convict escaping any more. Shit. Now these techies are in for asking for money which Software jobs no longer provide. With super smart engineers all around the place and super duper HR to find out what it takes to get more done with less input , it is difficult for the software engineer of today .
With no chance of ghoos, these softies took the hard way , and an ability to wield hardware like knives and stuff like that, they started extorting money. I could also tell you of other crimes that are waiting to  happen if this mass frustration is not soothed soon.

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