Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why men are what we are today

Why the men of today have to excel in everything to get to be his darlings best. Why is that the most faithful of all , the Indian girl , is now having hard time convincing her hubby that she is faithful to him. Why is it that we are in constant fear of a neighbor or  a helping class mate .


The problem lies in our earlier generation, they wanted boys boys and boys. Now there are only boys and boys and boys everywhere you go.

If the plight of the average good student in India were to be looked at , you will find that beauty and brain does not go together is something they have accepted long back. They have tied it to their dreams, hopes and logic.


So they accept it that they will not meet their beauties in school and then in college. In an expectation to meet that fairy , he keeps improving himself and without any  contact of the opposite sex reaches adulthood. He is not honed and polished for a girl yet . Now he enters jobs. With mounting family pressure as soon as he starts earning he has to forget everything and give up his own dreams, and works in a good place where again he never meets any  girls or if he does he comes to know the fact that no girl will marry somebody of her own stature, especially in India, so she will either be engaged or out of the league.


Now think of it, this guy who definitely considers himself superior since his family and relatives says so finally reaches a marriageable age. He is all high with expectations that it better be good , and marries some girl who finally has had a good youth and teenage and a nice one or two affairs and finally seeking some marriageable material, comes to the decision that it better be this average looking but hard working and if she has already considered US not a good place to settle.


Now this guy has to fight all prejudices and excel in everything , you know why?

That is the stage in India. We read a lot, we found out about the lifestyles of human beings like us, we keep watching them on TV, we read daily, and we come to the conclusion that better  life is not for us. We the youth in India are to be the exploited class unless we are born with a silver spoon. Our parents were not able to afford a good living for us, good looks don’t come to us naturally, good education is sometimes taken at the parents compromises.


Don’t give me examples for people who have done well from average families, that is the worst possible logic ever. Bedtime stories and inspirations don’t come from miracles. The average mans life has to get a boost. He does not earn money to get a fair and lovely and look good. He is not in a state to take care of himself at all and all he expects is in the end on girl to be his sole companion. Now there is a dearth of them and he comes to believe that whatever goes.


No! that is one mistake . Marriage for the sake of it and that to whatever comes is one self immolation act that many men in India do. Women who expect too much from them and who whine and complain and compare only because there are hundreds of options available to them is what Indian men have to face today. Dating is still a fantasy in India and it will run around like this till my son in young.



I know, one might say that it is just a single mans frustrations. Do you think what I am saying is my personal view. If you are  a guy you would have agreed upon this a hundred times over on what I said and if you are girl you need to ask somebody with honesty.

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