Monday, June 2, 2008

Figuring out the Google Bot

I am not really charged up , Till today after noon my blog was in rank 22 when I searched for C puzzles. Now it is 8:23 in the evening and I am literally not anywhere near. I tried to check till the 11th page ( rank110 ) but to no avail.
Google has totally lost my ranks , though today I am getting many new visitors from different parts of the world.
Yesterday , me and my friends tried to figure out , what could be the next thing in blogging when you have written so much about Adsense.
we finally came out with the following arrangement,
1. Psychology of bloggers, ( though that is of not much interest for many, but economics involved in this particular sphere is slowly gaining popularity with many and many people joining the bloggers wagon every minute )
2. Macro Socio economic effects of blogging.
I am currently reading Thomas Friedmans book , The World is Flat. Even he has mentioned Blogging as the new and next phenomenon. It is yet to catch up in India but there are few who are doing it with dedication
3. Long term pros and cons of blogging. Does the saturation and the incoming rate reduce the chance for good content to filter up the ladder, I dont think so , but concrerte data needs to be found.
4. How many PhD papers are there in economics related to Blogging. With many a millionair out there earning by quitting their day jobs to become full time bloggers.
5. What is bloggers block and what all do people do to come across it.

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