Sunday, June 8, 2008

Indi Joes

I had written a post a few days ago about the Indi Joes in the RMZ , though I was not very positive about the place but the buffets in Indijoes Old madras road are pretty cheap ( 125 bucks )
I did not know that on the day I wrote about it, So hopefully you guys can tune your quality sense a bit if you want to take office people out once in a while, Since it is mostly the gathering that matters and not the stuff that enters your stomach ( now , now, dont shy away )
Today I want to write about Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. The Inca and Mayan civilization seems to be the American answer to the mysticism of the east. Nope we wont allow you to rob us of that. I am Indian and so I have the extra mystic  powers ok and we will not argue over that. Spielberg and Harrison Ford have done the swan song. They put everything they could,
A family reunion ,  a bomb explosion, a trans continental shift in scenes, a treasure hunt, a little bit of the alien pinch, a little bit of betrayal, a vamp with the guts, a tarzan act, a father son union, the reckless fight, the Mummy stuff , like lust of gold and the bugs . Yes the bugs, this time red ones.
So almost everything we wanted to see when we were in Class X . Still it is good entertainment for parents taking their children to the movies on the weekend since most of the Hindi movies in an attempt to get all kinds of people and to keep the Bhaiyya jee mass happy will end up making a movie where there will be scenes far more inappropriate than a hollywood movie at times for a family entertainment, I believe movies like Indy 4 will definitely earn more in Indian markets than Bollywood movies. Can you believe that people spend money to go and see movies like Saawariya, My sister had bought a DVD of it with high aspirations and expectations. When the result is so bad that the difference between your small expectations and huge loss you suffer make a gap and void that needs to filled with movies of substance.
Well, Zee movies is coming up with 5 movies from Akiro Kurosawa. Be there

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