Sunday, June 1, 2008

Terrific win to a great final

I am now sitting in my guest house ( office guest house ) . It is 12:05 in the night and the second day of June. Rajasthan ROyals started off gingerly and then finally they won of the lat ball.
THe big knock came off Yusuf Pathan. Kamral Akmal played well only to succumb to some great pressure exerted by Dhoni.
From the Chennai Super Kings side, balaji bowled wait but the wide did it all. The first ever DLF IPL final is over. IPL matches had become an way of life for most of us. Mostly Indian employees who had to enter home as late as possible to escape the bunch to brainless programs on television. I was pretty frustrated with the quality of the programs on TV. THe movies are pretty much predictable , now even the hollywood movies dont ring a bell anywhere.
After spending days tyring to win the marathon movie watching contests in hostel I have now come to believe that it will be difficult to make graphics or movies with better stories soon if no new technology comes up in entertainment.
I really belive that either 3D televisions or movies you yourself can participate ( like an interactive games ) will be the craze in future. The current movies are getting so boring.
Why make Lord of the Rings ( Jackson had to complete it in 3 movies )  . If he had chosen something like Mahabharata he could have spent the rest of his years trying to make that epic. With all the colours and depictions of old epic that we conjure in our mind, whenever the name Mahabharata flashes, I believe it will have to be an Indian director with the backing of a production house like those in Hollywood.
Coming back to IPL, yes finally it is over . That is a sad demise of our pasttimes . We could come back home early. Now I will have nothing to do after coming home. Well, one thing funny was, even the girls who never watched a day long cricket match have taken some time out to watch these matches . ( They were practical in not wasting a whole day , SEE ).

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