Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bengali magazine online

I dont know whether I will be able to pull this down in the end, but running an online magazine for the bengali community is what I have in my mind. I checked this old one out,

 The intentions are always good and we all show to the world how good we are at the inauguration part and then the whole plan goes for a toss. I am trying to go online with Bengali magazine , mostly like Anandamela. Since I am pretty sure that if I go over to the editors office, they might as well throw this idea out of the window , blaming me of charging them of not having released magazines over the last so many years. Soon we will enter the next decade of the 21 st century and to not have on Bengali magazine, it is just like our ministers in bengal , who know how to do the opening ceremony with pomp ans show and a lot of talk about the greatness and culture of the place which can actaulyl get the Nobel medal lost.

Lets not brood over the past, and sulking is what we expatriat bengalis know the best, Starting with an idea to go adsense I have come a long way figuring out stuff about the net and the our language now laguishes to a perishable extent. We need to revolutionize the process of leading a life where working for a private company should not be the end of the road and the glory should not be restricted to acquiring a two bed room flat somewhere in the town. The youth should be directly resposible for not having the vision beyond family. Yes, we know family has been missing out a lot on life, We go abroad and find out that we as human beings lead a far inferior quality of life. But things wont change at the rate we are gulping the solutions which may be not be the right ones for us.

I have sent letters to places about taking up the job of maintaing a site where can actually have one childrens magazine monthly once atleast online for the Bengali community online. If you have some how read upto this line, please do help me with contacts who would be ready to do so. I dont want any direct contact but just want the idea driven. Also , soon I will poll on my blog for people to come up with ideas for what needs to be done for the language to get one step ahead.

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