Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All that hoopla

BBC world news

And you will get is Barrack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


After months of campaigning ( paining ) they have finally decided that the Democratic candidate will be Barrack Obama,

Many of my friends still believe that all the hype ( without getting Tandoori Chicken and hundred rupee notes ) is only possible in the presidential elections in the United States,


Nope it is just the fight to get the candidature to fight in the elections against the Republican candidate John Mc Cain. Now trust me this is going to be one hell of a presidential term for the Indians in United States. US has slowly realized that Indians have been fooling them over the years, they way they had taken talent has now stopped and the H1 s are soon becoming filled with junk. Last time I went for my Business Visit Visa in the Chennai Consulate, I met these guys who had fake salary slips that show a salary about 24 lakhs per annum ( which is one measure of a man who must be too good be earning that kind of slip in India )

But my question is no sane person with that kind of salary would stand like a dog in front of the Consulate. It is time that they realize it is time to invite the best and not make them stand in line begging for a chance to see the American dream.

It is not that good fellas, All the Bollywood  and now Hollywood movies ( Namesake ) are based on that theme.  It is time to Brain storage and not Brain drain ( a serious question is what are we doing with the brain we have in store now ) .


Now that the results are out , I feel happy that BBC will have some thing else to show for the next few days unless the bigger fight starts ( but Hillary is not stepping down ) That is sad.


I also found the following piece of info that John McCain was taken prisoner by the Vietcong and was kept there for 6 years. He must have old memories of this region. And 15 % of the Americans believe that Barrack is a Muslim. Either way they get  one Black guy to be near to the chance of winning the presidential elections.

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