Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Google to show real time stock quotes

Google finance had a introduced the google screener a few days ago and it was good news for people searching for information online.

After conducting some surveys online I found that people are reluctant to use the rather bland interface of google , and prefer using the glossier ones at Yahoo.
The more they have on one page the better they feel. That they have more hands on knowledge about the stuff they are handling. It is like buying a costlier piece  of article or apparel from a rather glitzy shop than to trust a good deal in a small road side shop. Not all people online believe that the all that glitters is not gold.
Yahoo finance is still the best thing that regular people use online.


But the Google Screener was a whiff of fresh air, except that it still had to compete in terms of colours used. I do believe that for software there is no such thing as one color being costlier than the other, so if you are using white, you may as well, use black , rendering has to be done by the machine out there.


So Google should stop worrying about losing their virgin , blanched looks and get towards a glowy side or rather one option should at least be provided,
The latest buzz word is that the Nasdaq real time stock quotes will now be available in Google finance. That really helps because the common share market player donot have access to the correct information all the time and they are always playing the games far delayed than the major players

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