Thursday, June 5, 2008

The google analytics feature


Coming to read of it, I pretty much assumed that it was meant for network admins and guys who really depend on information mining from the kind of people accessing their sites.


If you go through the Google blogs you will realize that these guys in Google have absolutely no time in hand to do anything other than development. They seem to be running on a mission where sitting around answering people is a loafers job. Well, to that extent Google is ACTUALLY pretty much like Microsoft,

Have you ever tried the help features in Microsoft, it is mainly people who use Windows who found out stuff about it lying here and there and the guys actually, answering through their msdn site, through wizards, or through other kind of help features,


Microsoft shows it attitude about helping in a way that you got to buy it to get better response. But coming to think of Google, you actually are not buying any stuff and being addicted is your problem , ( I mean you cannot blame the cigarettes for being addictive , isn’t it ?  )


So the motto is if you are not meant to use the google tools, you might as well start trying other stuff. Moreover, they do hold conferences all around the year, that helps them spread their business. They will hire the marketing guys who are completely unrelated to the software field only to bring in expertise on marketing their own tools. Their idea is if you are good you will deliver better


Try this site   it pretty announces their principle about holding conferences for the layman only if you are helping them in their businesses. So that is the Microsoft way isn’t it?

The best marketing agenda wins

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