Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Solving google questions

Try this



He is the guy who will come with ideas for crazy questions in Google. I accidently came across his site. Now it is bookmarked and I happily spend some idle time reading him.



What the google guys want is you to see further than the normal process of solving a problem. They are interested in your apts as they say it in the best schools in the world.


For example , if they asked you how big the house will have to be to accommodate the population of the world, you may have to end up writing your specifications for the lfit , the car parking area, whether there are choices for the size of the rooms you get, whether there are plumbing issues,

Air and water a must for the internal towers. Whether pressure pretty high for the high rise building. Whether you really stand a chance to get people to work on it , the feasibility analysis, The environmental hazards, they difference of opinion.


Now I must be joking

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