Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I know I a, going to get hacked and hewed, and may skewered at high temperatures for a long time , if Ban on whom I am dedicating the whoel blog will come to know of this post.
Ban the identity of the man who has changed too many evenings, The gift of god to the kingdom of boredom ( so they say ) . Banalism is some thing I attribute to this man. Well, to start with I am sure this might not impress you to the extent that we are in, since the situations where Ban introduces his banalisms are expceptionally placed and to recreate the same aure would be very difficult. But time and again I will definitely bring it out.
Well, the latest that he proposed was the idea of Software companies going for the kill. They introduce quearters like government office ( you know the SBI quarters ) How the private company employees despise the fact that they have to sing "Do deewane shahar mei , raat mei dopahar mei " once in a year since the old house owner is getting greedier by the day and extra greedy by the night.
His idea is ,that will keep the families tied to the office ( actually, the HR;s diefnitely would have thought about it but they must have left it out of contention since they too want attrition to an extent. I believe in that philosophy strongly. We need attrition once in a while. Ban has his own arguments to counter against our ideas. His solution is that no need for the HR to maintain the quarters, We have to out source the job. There will be special gated communities and people who want to stay in those will have to let go of their HR or something. This is where we got pissed off , since in Hyderabad I pay much less than my HR, and that make my income go up by a few thousands.
But for an idea, a Banalism will be a brain teaser any time of the day.

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