Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bengalis moving south

Bengalis, Hmm, always going to Delhi, Rajdhani to Delhi full with Bengalis. Naah, No more. This is a report of Feb 3, 2008.
Read this if you are willing to find out about the exodus to the south for bengalis. Well, it is not just people from Kolkata but the other districts in West Bengal too. I myself am a bengali from Agartala and my friends are bengalis from Delhi,Oriss ( Buvaneshwar ) or from Asansol , Durgapur and places like that.
Expatriats I say. Even the office in Banaglore is full of Bengalis who have migrated back from the Silicon Valley in US.

Well, just a curtain raiser this blog is. I will keep writing about the Bengali culture, history and we people who had to leave our states only because things are not better off in our homelands.

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