Monday, June 2, 2008

Bhojohori Manna

If you are there in kolkata for a short visit and want to taste everything that you miss outside Kolkata, you may as well try this place.

Kolkata has very few places to talk about in recent times and I came to know of Bhojo hori Manna all the way in New York where a friend of mine was placing all kinds of laurels on it.
Well, you got to believe that Bengalis are good at business ( unlike what the marwari and gujarati community sometimes think ) . It was started by a group of friends Goutam Ghose (a film director), Siddhartha Chaterjee (actor), Siddhartha Bose (Tata group executive-turned-restaurateur), Ranjit Duttagupta (a businessman with a passion for food) and Rajeev Neogi (a publisher).

Actually it has all grown due to a belief that we are big time hoarders. , Funny, the same community that produced, Vivekananda, A brave man who said that the only to fear was fear itself,
it produced more nobel laureates than we could have ever thought of.
They constantly fought together with the Punjabis to get this country out of the British clutches and , they also kept the art and science alive throughout the 20 th century only to end up in a misery where two generations are brooding over their past .
I see people in Kolkata fight all day only to get their next generation some where far away from the hassles of the city.

But the mind that grows in Kolkata will never be able to leave it truly. I am planning to start a online community like orkut , only for Bengalis. Anwesha is one of the government programs to do the same. They are trying to get the Bengali community all around the world to contribute, With prosperity , when your basic needs are taken care of, does come great art.
With hunger in your stomach and a family to support you really dont think of much art do you?

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