Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Blues

Well, what is it in for me.
Fridays are good, but not the best thing for me.
I have to actually think about working on a Saturday and half the weeks I end up deciding working . I am from Hyderabad but dont stay there much as I have to travel throughout the year. So the weekends in Hyderabad are lost on stuff that are left undone on the weekdays.
Well, this is the case now in Bangalore too. I have friends to catch up with, there are some pending promises to myself. There is work left and the body is giving up too soon.
It is 9:28 in the evening here on a Friday and my friends have started to arrive. I have this pending task from the day and will have to finish them overnight,
Morning there is a Cricket Match in NGEF. Hopefully I will make it.
Today I went to the Google office , cool, it is really good to see people working in an environment so conducive to growth and better lifestyle . Let it be for a small time, let it be pseudo , but man is a product of its environment. It is not a traditional office at all. They say that Mountain View office is even better.

They have dorms where they have cute beds and there are beautiful things every where. Employee comes first , it really does

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