Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trolls online

This guy Peter Chen has clearly been writing some cool stuff online. All he does his help people or first time bloggers and trust me there are a lot of sites which help bloggers learn the tips and tricks of business, but this one is genuine stuff. He is a retiree  using Google Adsense to add to this pension money.
He usually ranks 1 in most of the searches for help on blogging ( depends on what you are searching though ) . Well, he found this troll out and has pointed it out on his blog. There are internet trolls who roam around the net and answer peoples queries with genuine solutions from other peoples blog. This is not harmful as long as you are not eating away some one elses buck.
Anyway, What I am searching now is indentation issues with blogger, whether there is any such thing as indentation in blogger and also get my blog into a 3 column stuff.

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