Thursday, June 5, 2008


So they are coming up with all these places all around Bangalore. Today we went for a office lunch to one of these places, It was nice one. I prefer not having my lunch since it makes me feel drowsy throughout the day and even till evening at times . That takes away a major chunk of the day . So I preferred eating something light out there.

Well, the pizza though it was a vague attempt at making a thin actually ultra thin crust pizza, but all it tasted was like a bread rolled in some home made ghee. What a put off, you might be writing off the whole idea of going there.

The ambience was good, I told you hotel makers think that the people come here to eat the ambience , no one wants to eat out for good food. The last time any Bangalore restaurant impressed me was the Sahib, Sindh Sultan. That place has Everything. From parking spaces to ambience, choice of drinking place and a good chef ( or many be more than one )

Well, restaurateurs I think know that if they provide good and tasty food,he will end up having to serve more customers than he can handle.

And he cannot provide parceled food since that does not make any sense. So he is happy overcharging for the ambience. Indijoes now has already opened up in three places ( old madras road , where I work is a new one )

All I like about the place are the film posters and stuff like that. They are really cool. I liked the place in terms of some nostalgic remains of Rome in the 1950 ‘s ( not for me though, unless you watched movies like a Roman Holiday first day first show, I really mean that)

I did end up tasting a lot of the stuff. The only think I will commend is the vegetable soup they made, may be it will be some other thing for the others who went with us. But definitely it is not the best of places that I have been

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