Monday, June 9, 2008

My blogs small milestones

Hi All,
I have now completed over a month on Blogger. It has been a tiring and research oriented journey all the way. Now that I am into serious blogging I believe that the human mind is one contraption that makes me start believing in God.

I know some of you will take the argument to a new high but I have started to think about bloggers block. Will that ever strike me since I am never running out of ideas for my blogs. I will soon be posting my 200th blog.

Over this month, I did not have single visitor in the first few days. I kept posting everything about my frustrations in my blog. Since it is a personal journal I believe and there is nothing to hide between me and my blog, I vent my frustrations openly. Today with over 33 days of blogging, 1:05 am in the morning of , June 10 2008, I have got my 1000th visitor.

Though most of them are coming due to my online advertising in groups around the world ,but I still believe if there is genuine content they will keep coming.

C++ is a major barrier between would be engineers and the happening ones. To get to do better stuff with it takes a lot of time and patience but trust me, either you have it or you dont, it is like any other language, beauty in it lies in it inherent mechanism to express a same logic in a much more sound way, just like the way Hemingway , Wordsworth did it with English it will be time for thee logical languages too.
Master craftsmen will keep coming, we will write legacy with these languages one day. Just give it time, English tool thousands of years to give to the world the pleasure it gives now.
To compare a computer language with English , you must be joking, but some part of you agrees, isnt it

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