Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I watched in complete awe, The whole idea behind the movie was the exhibition of a  spirit. A spirit of a man who dared to open a Chocolaterie in a remote town in France where the local mayor and the people are not tolerant towards any excesses. The people of the town believe that indulgence is bad and that pleasure in any form is not acceptable in the house of god. Even the sins you commit by eating chocolate.


The whole idea and the imagery , the location , the sets, and the colors chosen were vivid reflections of what we go through in our lives. The content is very powerful and no wonder the movie won so many nominations and Oscars. With star power like Johnny Depp and Alred Molina, the movies goes a long way in terms of visual perfection and overall presentation.

The whole idea to present to you that the religion as a shackle on your leg can take you now where near reverence for it, rather it is the idea of tolerance that is the backbone of the idea of religion. It is the sanctity of choice that one makes in his life that is to be preserved at the alter of religion.

Well there are hundreds of books and pages that have been dedicated to the same topic and I don’t do any extra justcice to the idea . Lasse Hallstrom , who also won a Oscar for his side rolein the Cider House Rules  is the director of this movie . I believe that with time in hand he has still a long way to go and many more movies to gift to this world.


Currently some of the movies in production are Hachiko, Sammy and Dear John. Eagerly waiting forward for them.


I. R. Aggregator said...


i saw your comment on the google helpers group about your blog not showing up on google. that was may 17th.

it shows up on google now. i was wondering how long it took you cos mine is taking ages too.


Rahiakil said...

hi ,
I am sorry I cannot just answer you in all the details. But if you were to follow my advice that are there in the May archive, you will find loads of information on how to get the pages to google.
Could you please follow them