Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Olympics for 2016

Thats it,
Not in my youth will I see India rise up to the occasion and host the Olympics. Already the finalists for the 2016 Olympics have been decided and India does not figure in that.
India gets compared with China all the time, but art ( whether martial or literature or music ) , sports, development , human right movements have never been more convincing more in Chinas history as it is now. It can boast of more development now than any time in its history. This year with 65 more days to go for the Beijing Olympics, I got a stunner that I will not be able to tell people that see India is hosting the Olympics till I am 33 atleast.
I have never thought about leaving the country for other opportunities, but one deos grow up to see the misfortune of getting born in a country like India, To see the luck you got to be a powerful man. Yes, Spiritually this country is vibrant, with rampant myths of the far Himalayas ( recently I heard the Steve Jobs was here in the mountains for the east , in search of greater truths ) .
Yes, India makes you search inside, but currently I dont think the times are like that, our country is now a breeding ground for all material seeking than ever before.
The youth of India asks itself everyday, "Did we commit some kind of crime in taking my birth in India". There is no proper system anywhere, there are no rules, there is complete chaos.
Had there been a sweetness in this marriage of the youth to this nation , things would have been better, but with communal clashes and sectarian violence on the increase and youth being increasingly looked down upon , with Americans waiting on us to work our asses apart to keep them happy ( I am talking of average Indians, if you believe you have a choice , I am sorry I am not talking about you ) . The youth of this country is increasingly finding himself at a loss.
He cannot dream of privacy , of isolation, of independence from the clutches of the society that does not deserve it. Too much demand all the time with a country turning towards something that no one knows the truth about with a surity.
To you this might sound like gibberish but to be in the same shoes as the Indian youth , you got to keep your eyes, ears and mouth shut.
You cannot raise you voice, You cannot see the beauty and luxury the planet earth provides, since that is not there for the Indian youth.
Trust me when I say , we are labour for cheap.

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