Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ban Ultimatum

After having thought for a long time, we reached a conclusion that yes, Ban is the new age thinker. The new revelation of this age,


He watched Dashavatar very minutely and with a lot of passion put behind. He now believes in the fact that yes, for a man like Rama to win any war he needs people like Hanuman , basically a man without any connection with his own family  , a perfect bachelor devoted to your service so that you can enjoy your life peacefully.


That is one thing that will happen over the ages , and it is still happening, look at countries like America, they need to have a country like India or a country like China. Yes, major towns in both these nations have reached a certain amount of world class touch to them and have some very costly places to live at, but the whole country still dreams the great America dream. They feel languished in this prison called India, given the first chance they will flee this nation. This looks like a sentence put on us for the past lives crimes.

How on earth will you explain to the Indian youth who watches a serial like Friends , or going back to the 60’s the portrayal of the average American middles class through serials like “I dream of Genie”, “Different Strokes”, Fresh Prince of Bel Air” ( I mean a bunch of them )  ,How will you explain to the Indian youth that they are enjoying a good quality of life.


Nope, we live in a state where we don’t know, whether staying back in this country is out of love or just accepting a second mother land. Well, for most Indians , all they want to do is live the American dream whether it is in this country or that, Our ideas, our lifestyles, our attitudes have been at the mercy of that nation that sits there in the western side of the hemisphere  providing the best for its average citizen.


Yesterday we went to this place called ITPL, which is some where on the outskirts of Bangalore. One thing I have noticed is as far as the private constructions go, there is a lot of development, but if one were to look at the condition of the roads out there, they are very badly planned and not under proper maintenance.


I don’t believe it, if you complain that the older towns have so crooked infrastructure and town planning that it is not possible to lay new roads, that is acceptable to an extent but if you are putting no attention to the new roads getting created, you are doing a crime for the future generations.

The government is willing to say only one thing

“See, we not only neglect the villages, we also do it with the towns”

That keeps their votes banks happy.


Indian Politicians have reached the pinnacle of politics, Now development, planning, strategizing against another country and self motivation are not part of their jobs ,they only know one thing and that is politics. Oppositions only job is to oppose no matter whether there is any good out of the policy, and the one in power has only one job to subdue them.

They have become the perfect politicians who only deal with politics

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