Friday, June 6, 2008

My first site

I registered finally.

I have it ready , now. I am trying to see some Bengali sites that are available. The ones that started in 1998 ( as early as that ) have   a good interface  but nothing much is getting written out there . We need more people who can contribute.

Profuse Host, where I have set my site is allowing me 200 MB which I believe is good enough as long as the articles written are new and there is not much hype and hoopla over the stuff out there.


I am trying to get some people under salary to come up with a magazine online. Some thing  Bengali. Though attempts at to translate great authors is always there but in all these attempts we forget the original Bengalis who want to read in Bengali.


Look at this one above, you will find a nice interface and lot of articles on the history and stuff like , that is like a school project where the editor needs to fill up with something, well that was good enough  for the years 2000 – 2001  , but now the period  is different . Expatriate Bengalis have now started to mingle more than ever and we need better interfaces than this.  


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