Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Olympic dreams

Do you know one thing that hurts being the Indian youth. That is incompetency at levels where it really does not matter but somehow due to a uncertain complex network of rules and an old setup there are consequences from these incompetence.


Initially I was only brooding over the fact that India will not be able to host the Olympics in this lifetime of mine. I don’t want to be that old bug when the day comes. I really want to enjoy it if it ever happens.


Today I came to know if this abhorring story. The wrestlers who have qualified for the Olympics this year are actually not able to get the milk proteins that they need. All the three of them are vegetarians and they need to fulfill their protein requirements by their own means.

They were also showing the fact that, when the officials are not there , they are given bread to eat and they have resorted to cooking themselves.

Today we will not be able to raise a meal for them but the supplements that they will buy from the market might finally lead to doping charges, ( that’s what the news reports were  ). But tomorrow we will surely point a finger at the officials.



I seriously request the IOC to stop trying to just fill your duties by merely sending a team and be there for attendance sake, lets try when we are really good. If you are not good, don’t give the winners extra numbers to show off.



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