Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ban Supremacy

I know I cannot exhaust the Ban series by Bourne names. Actually, Robert Ludlum did not write any more Bourne issues after Ultimatum. He died .

It was Eric Van Lustbader who continued the legacy , he even named it legacy. Let me see, where I can take my Ban. Well, Bans latest includes a lot of stuff, over the weekend he came with this cool idea that he should pursue management only to enter the HRs of big companies which cannot run well due to attrition. He plans to provide them with quarters just like Government offices. You know of this place called the SBI quarters, The AG quarters. There are so many of them.
He went to see his friend in IIT Madras, which has not yet changed its name.Thank you IIT.

Well, Ban says that the students loved the campus and he too was impressed by it and when they enter the jobs, they find it difficult to imagine a future where there is no greenery. He says that the grass on the other side will always look greener since there is no grass on this side.

That was a strong statement of Banalism. He is simply great. Well, he also fretted over the fact that our children will be called the children of concrete , all their small falls will be on conrete, there pains more deeper and the wounds indelible.

So much for a good job. He also came up with this idea that soon he will be able to open up a restaurant that will be clean but no ambience , that will keep the people coming for sure. According to him it is the external show that actually intimidates people. In between 2000-2005, software engineers were actually earning more compared to the the rate of infaltion and before the devaluation of money ( or Rupee ) to what it is now and they were eating out more often . But now with terrible times ahead us, we are not in the mood for any, so Ban thinks that times are ripe for him to come up with the ideas for a restaurant.
Actually most restaurants in Bangalore do come up with this theme in mind. Small, simple and comparable prices.

Today we ate in one , called Sethji , some where closr to Domlur, quite interior but cosy good, and cheap place.

Ban ended the day in Sethji on starting motor bike lift service from Airports. which would charge the customers less and for people with faster needs and less luggage, I think this business would flourish, though we did not have the energy to counter argue anything here, he won the field comprehensively.

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