Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Morning

After a month full of working hard on my blog , doing research and finding out stuff about making money online, the calendar has finally hit June. Today I am in the 6th month of the year 2008.

The year is hopping in leaps and bounds. Somebody said music is the pauses between the noises and so is life to be enjoyed that way. If you plan to have fun all year round, that is impossible. And if you are not able to enjoy your holidays too, then you should make your gaps as long as possible.
What I mean is that , if you are not having enough money ( if that is what it takes to make you happy ) for one good vacation , then wait for some more time. Human body and mind can go through anything. Trust me.

All tough mind and body education courses will make you do right that. My conclusion on all successful people is that they are do it with sheer discipline. Yes, god gifted them some brain but it does not stop there . You got to accept the fact that there is a difference between people. Some have and some just dont. The ones that dont, will have go through a process of self realization and will have to tune their dreams ( please dont talk of school books and bed tie stories, where every one has a chance. That is ridiculous ) .

I always thought that by 25 I would have done this and that , and again some more this and that. But now when I am 25 I feel being cheated from life in terms of personal satisfaction. I have been a good child, a good boy friend but there has been a satisfaction in me by others smiles rather than the other way around.

Life has its own small ways of teaching and I like it , now that my material dreams have taken a step back because, without going into too much glamor and shine I have been able to watch and feel glimpses of a life in fame, money and power.
They are not that happening as it sounds and is visible.
Money does not do anything to make you sad, but MAN CHANGES with money.
That is the bad part. Without being Shahrukh Khan or Sachin Tendulkar you can enjoy life too, but then you just got to accept it


Anonymous said...

superb one :)

Rahiakil said...

thanks a lot man, but why be anonymous