Monday, June 30, 2008

Last day of June

I have now completed over one and half months of blogging. A lot of blogs written , and lot of ideas thrown here and there. I think I need to make some of them concrete.


Yesterday I got this wonderful idea. I want to make a movie about one scrupulous Indian politician who dies early with a lot of money and hidden income loitered across banks all around the world.

He wants them to be utilized now after his death. His soul then comes back to find all the things he did all along his life and he is finally transformed into a good soul but he cannot do anything about it.

All his dreams that people don’t like him and all his followers are just another bunch  of apple polishers come true and he sees the live drama of the agony , pain anguish and corruption that he has left behind as legacy.


 I actually am confused between showing his soul getting transformed or continue him on his path even after death. With increased powers and greed he comes back to become the invincible politicians.




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