Monday, June 30, 2008

Some more ideas

It just struck me that we will make a series called the maha America ( like Maha Bharat )

Where we will put Super man as Arjuna, Batman as Yudhistir,


I am still in search of the hundred Kauravas. Compiling then from Marvel , Diamond and GI Joes series. I believe the GI Joes will give me a lot of hints.


Also a second thing that I want to go ahead is the idea of having a political super hero , Some body like the hero of the movie call Nayak , where I will put in ideas like how to play politics the smarter way.


Make this small Sons of bit**es realize  that there ploys could go against them at times. I have also thought about the first plan


There will be a state , where one of the districts have gone beyond control and whichever Superintendent of Police goes there becomes corrupt. Now what I do is send one new SP every few months. He goes there and starts his activities within the first few weeks.

Catches some of the goons, puts them in the locker and beats the shit out of them. Then he sells himself slowly to the local guys, he starts playing tricks like creating suspicion and fights among rival gangs, Attends there parties.

Then he starts selling himself to both of them and by the time they both figure out , he is transferred  . This thing is done repeatedly until these guys are out of their will to buy the SP and also realize the ploy . Till then they would have realized there is a smarter player sitting at the top and then we start our bad politics.

This is how I am planning to play the political games through the comics

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