Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ban Identity

Ban is the man for  the day . On any idle Saturday afternoon when you have nothing  to do , ( i mean you can avoid the small stuff if you want ) Banalism go out of the way to help you save yourself from the clutches of persistent boredom of being a techie who had planned to do something on a Saturday and eventually losing his head on Friday night to have listened to lound music and a night out.

The way people take rest nowadays, we are definitely not giving any rest to that poor brain of ours. My laptop processor gets more rest than that slimy piece of cake that god put inside my head somewhere in the early 80's of the last century.
Well, Ban came up with this horrendous idea of planning some like FIIT JEE for United States, we have a common friend in the US. The though train went something like this.
"There is nothing to be done in the stock market, we cannot rely on other people doing their business properly and equally pray with them for his business to run successfully so that you make money from the stocks, it is essentially eating commission for either your service or your investment. "
That fired some of us up, there goes Saturday afternoon boredom .
2nd statement
"There is nothing to be done in the web field either, it is actually a business like a man buying a book or a camera online or a newspaper selling its stuff , or a automobile company advertisement , that we can make money online , but that happens only when a real business happens "
F word, he is right! we are just thinking about making a percentage of ther real profit and that is why with Googles power it does not make enough to be in the top 50 Fortune companies. It actually makes commissions from other peoples businesses.
Shit, that just put many of us off track .
Ban's ideas
"Our common friend in US should start up a small school in US, where he will teach children of NRI's out there the culture and history of India, from a very beginning stage he will have to do it, later on he will go up to the level of starting a Brilliants, or Bansal class for SAT exams in US. Actually it is kewl idea if you ask me,"
Well, that was pretty  much it . Since I am not a very good narrator at exactly what happened after that, but the stuff was pretty much deserving enough to beat any Aaj tak coverage by miles,
Today they were showing Amitabh Bachchan on a shopping spree in Bangkok which turned out to be him looking for some small token to remember Bangkok by , and the questions thrown at him were
"What are you doing here ?" <-- the question was getting asked in a shopping mall
"Exactly what are you looking for"
Ans:"Anything to remember my visit here"
And then the camera man will focus on the reporter,
"We can see , Mr Big B here on a shopping spree, lets follow him ,............ Bangkok is famous for ... and .... and... and... so whata must he be buying ... lets see ... hmmm. ummm. .....well ..blah blah ,
I guess, we need to invent a new word now. Blah blah is not even remotely near to what these guys are upto.

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