Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The fight is on

This one is real. On the net you will find hundreds of pages that gives you a boost and outruns your imagination when it comes to confidence building measures . You will be drawn towards a dream of a fat cheque from Google. And that too a stable income from Google in the long run. But everytime you do some business you should remember that with growth you are actually competing with Google.


This is one thing that spoils the whole fun of it. People who are into niches completely outside the network of page sthat Google itself maintains you may be able to do better with clicks and ads with adsense but with slow research and experience with Google you will find out that it is not as flowery as the picture that is drawn by the millions of people out there promising about huge profits from google.

They have a network of pages that they maintain and if a advertisers get his customers form Google pages all you get is peanuts . Trust me on this that you need really work out something that works well with the current structure. If you think social networking is your way of life , you may be struck early to find out that most this niche is taken up by google,


If you are starting late like sometime now in 2008 you are as good as a decade late in terms of blogging and 2 decades late in terms of web page making. In terms of Adsense you are currently sitting on a huge pile of sites that already has thought about what you are planning to write and you may not be surprised to see that it already contains every possible article conceivable to the human mind already . This is one platform that is  universal and to show that there exists a like minded person across the world somewhere there is not better medium than the Internet. The bizarre to the supernatural , from filthy rich to the poor in Haiti, everyone is online, expressing.

Even the terrorists in the Arab countries are online, What more could you want. I saw Amitabh blogging a few days back. Take it from me, he will generate more clicks than you can even think about in matter of days.


SO the fight is already in its peak . All the tips and tricks are learned and both sides ( you and google ) know it well. So it is time to outwit the other with sheer ingenuity.

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