Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to make money from blogging

I did not think I will come to this topic ever, but there are some visually stimulating tools and tips and tricks on this page that are quite important for any one thinking about pro blogging. The statistics are pretty high.

The number of people who have really made it to the top are usually

1. For the passionate it is really a good time, all their knowledge put to one blog does make a good readership

2. Ardent bloggers who just have a lot of things on their minds. They have a active friend network who keep commenting on their sites

3. then there are few like the site address that I am putting down here , these are people who will read the newspapers since morning and find out about all the latest happening and there is a greater chance that other people will definitely get their pages on the google search pages more than any body elses.

4. People who started off with some stock market analysis and have actively been giving tips and tricks to all

5. Also there are others who will take in latest controversial topic and follow it for quite some time. Once their blogs get visitors they start getting into more networking. But one funny thing is that nobody can leave their jobs to get into active blogging , that will take time , and they will have to be very reliable. All depends on how google stays afloat and unless something else hits the market soon we may be riding in the safe waters.

I know the numbers, there are very few people who are really problogging today but soon the situations may change in India, with so much network bandwidth available and so many people sitting gere with ready knowledge about various topics.

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