Friday, May 9, 2008

Why is IPL a bowlers game

hi All,
Recently there is a lot of hype about bowlers loosing there importance with the IPL, but trust me not everyone believes so.

I have always been a fan of Freakonmics where the idea of thinking the exact root of a problem might surprise everybody but the truth needs to be uncovered in a suitable way so that everybody can take it further.

People may come over to this site and find my reasoning and take it home.

Now as to why IPL is a bowlers game , let me tell you the facts , All the best performers in IPL in the beginning were big hitters since by luck , coincidence , pitch and all reasons the hitting went on for 20 overs and the runs piled were huge but since no team had any idea to strategize the game the right choice of bowlers did not come naturally to any of the captains. Now that more than 30 games have been played the teams have come to a general idea about the overs that matter . The game is now going international as the players are able to find the correct attitude.

The 200+ scores will be like the 300+ in the one dayers. They will happen eventually once the batsman have started to pound the ball with the same cool state of mind which they did at the beginning.

Well, my point is that now that we are in the stable phase, if we are to look at the outcome of every match it has bene predominantly been due to the bowlers. All the teams want to bat second after winning the toss. They want to enter the field with a target set in their minds.

And moreover as long as all the bowlers can eqaully bat well in this format as it is all about hitting hard when time comes, most of the bowlers being natural athletes have been doing it quite professionally.

You wont find a batsman come in to bowl and take as many wickets as the bowlers have come to the ground to hit sixes. So it is the bowlers who really matter, because in the quick format even if one bowler goes for a maiden that means a lot to the team whereas the batsman are at par with the bowlers.
I am sure that once you topple the team order upside down with the bowlers comeing first to bat the runs amde on board will not be much different from what it is now.

It is something that cannot be readily experimented I believe but lets face it, we are now in better shape to asusme things than what we did before.

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