Saturday, October 17, 2009

2:30 AM Oct 18 2009

Had a tiring day

started at 9 in the morning, with a call from THE SHARK,

well he is well known in my blog world , he is the manager , the damager, the extra terrestrial with extra sharp eyes, and razor sharp brains, and expects that that world will be full of smart people ,


alas, there lies a point of conflict, ME

we both seem to be causing a time warp, with extra intelligence comes arrogance, but the problem is there is not arrogance in this sharks case, it is now a principle amongst people to say good about the shark and get away with anything, but the razor sharp gills and brains, and balls all in communion, wants only work done and no appreciation.


Like a robot, we expect this machine to stop work, the mechanical Jaws of speilberg has returned, but the man himself cannot appreciate it, and there is the problem.


Well, today was a sharky day , I went to see BLUE, and yes, thanks to it, I came to know that there are attempts to make movies ( whole movies ) and not a song, where you can twitch a ear,or pinch yourself to the truth right after the song,


the whole movie was shot in extra exotic locations, locations, which make you fee “Aye mortal, what are you doing, why do you run out of your home to do work somewhere else, you not even roaming around, the software company profile said, world travel, the life in promised me of a better future”


well those kind of saddening but happening locations, The movie has car chase, romance, treasure hunt, exotic scenes and a mafia dons, new scenes, AR Rehman, and Lara Dutta, the first song is a treat , the pink panties a material come true from the dreams…


Blue is a good entertainer, don’t expect too much if you like movies like Dor, Charas , Godmother, etc


Try it if you like, good Hollywood movies or Hollywood kinds light action , happy go lucky movies,


things , awkward and good , and not that happens in normal life , happens in this movie,


An Indian dude in Bahamas, complaining about the people there, that is something, we should not do, Ahem, some will not like it, and some might, some might take an offense


but I am sure that we have more to learn to “learn from our mistakes” than what we are already doing …

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