Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ban goes on

today morning, I saw a ping from Ban

obvisouly in Korea, they wake up before us, but somehow Ban keeps me company till late in the night,

he was watching the match till late into their dinner and then slept for some hours and then pinged me


He was talking about his office and colleagues, out there,


Some one from Britain, over enthusiastic about proper usage of English, reprimanded him in terms no more soothing than

what our school sisters, did. He does not like the use of basically,


and most Indians will start all their convs, with


“Basically, the jist ( summary )  of the matter  ….

“ Basically, my car was not starting

“Basically, you can look into the problem this way…


it seems, this guys, one Mr , Leopold, or something like that, was horrified, when some one took his hint, and started using


Fundamentally …

Fundamentally, my car was stuck …

Now that became, pretty common around the office and there was one fine morning when one of the senior guys , started using it

in even shorter form, “ funtally “


that’s when the lid blew off, and there were certain changes made to the system


It seems, Ban took my usage of “thingy” so dear, that now he forgets to use the word thing , even in his status


So his status message usually reads


“I worked on the AMD thingy ….”

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