Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 27 2009

the day is towards the end, I have spent most of it, trying to get some decent speed from the net connection


Tata Photon thingy, was working pretty well for me for the last two months, but this is now a pain that I had to lose a whole working day.


Today it was a dramatic, day, The chief minister of Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, made a verbal gaffe a few days back when he said that the two cops who were abducted by the Maoists about 90 days back, were dead, this was not officially confirmed, Unoffical sources ( which means some agitated media personnel ,who want to be in the good books of the producers) found out that Chhatradhar Mahato had commented from his cell in jail that no they had not been abducted, and that they don’t know what happened to them


In todays west Bengal, where deadbodies show up in ponds, and road side ditches almost every day tracing a dead body is becoming a humongous task, scenes that remind you for some time, that you might be as well in a Taliban infected place


Mamata Bannerjee in an attempt to voice all her protest, found a seat outside Chidu s official mansion in Delhi, with the relatives and wives of the two cops who got abducted . They were taken all the way to Delhi by Partha Chatterjee yesterday. Well, she was voicing  her protest against the chief ministers gaffe, that how come he forgets something that leads to two lives in the state, two working personnel of the indina police force, ( she forgets that, in India, we are all dispensable), one goes, there are ten more to swap a place in,

same goes for accidents, daoits, terrorist attacks, and now Maoists,

they don’t care, there are victims lying everywhere, first of all knowingly or unknowingly , we are all victims of the current state of politics, of the current muscle men, win it all mentality,  we all are victims, praying to stop ourselves from being bigger victims,


at around 3:19 , live in her conference, she gets the news that somewhere in Banstala a station more from Jhargram for up train, Rajdhani , Delhi – Bhubaneswar, the Maoists, had attacked the Rajdhani , and abducted the driver


CNN IBN got a nice chance to put one more twitter on its red top, “Maoists vs Marxists”, situation gets worsened, some media personnel get some footage from a,b,c,d sources,

there were pics of the driver shot, in his belly, the driver of the jeep carrying more people in,

there were confusing reports as to how the whole thing happened, whether they took over the signals, or there was some barricade, the driver later confirmed that about 400 pro maoist people came down on the tracks, they stopped the train, damaged the front engines and later on , demanded for Chhatradhar Mahato s release,

actually, all they were sending to the center and the thinktanks, was the signal that they are amongst us, and it is not possible to work a solution unless there is a genuine interest shown in the development of the Santal areas,


The PCAP , the committee to fight police atrocities, does not seem to be having enough strength to pull out such a big attack, it now looks like that the fire that has started will take a lot of time

we should not forget, that these people were one of the first freedom fighters, against the Neel kar sahebs, with bows and arrows they had fought the british, so the agitation could be dangerous.


All I know is that I could have en route to Hdyerabad on a train today and had something like this happened to me, I could have used this tata photon conenctino and blogged all that I saw , live from there….

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