Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ban the great

today after a long time, I got some time to chat with Ban,

one of the greatest contributions from the Bengali “Mukho, Chatto, Bandhyo , Bhatto “ clans ,


his mastery about subjects of life, are so far out of place with real life, and abjectly impossible that some how even with this greatest speeches, I find the comfort of the other extreme.


He is a man with great dedication towards depcreciation, he likes the depreciating dollar and the same about the depreciating rupee. I told you , cant figure  this chap out,

some do say , “its easy ,. he is plain and simply complicated”


well, I tell you it is not easy as that, it is just that ….. whatever


he is a man with extremes at all ends, and knows where these ends and also knows that as humans, we will not be able to fathom those heights.


His chat, the greatest of all mental spectacles, what can I say, and having spent an hour about ideas that he has, and the ideas he will get, and just the thought that he is around the corner in this things, and that the Nobel prize will be renamed after him


Just the thought

I have already written blogs about him, names Ban Supremacy, Ban Identity  Ulitmatum, Legacy etc, etc

Ban Betrayal is upcoming,

I will betray his secrets some time soon

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