Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oct 12 2009

Today was one of those Sundays, that will never want to recall, never want to think about , there were lot of things, that are coming to my mind,

Early morning,  I wake up to the horror that my sim is lost,


well, yesterday , all of a sudden my Tata Photon + thingy stops working, I am stuck with my life, you know what I mean. I have to go get all the help I can,

I get this anti rootkit software downloaded, called Sophos, Go through all the details, I then get the net limiter, uninstalled, check the Symantec end point,

There was a this error 720, the remote host cannot be connected, all this after it started to authenticate the username password. So I thought there is some problem with the Tata Indicom Photon thingy. I called their service center,

I spent all evening, trying to get to talk with one of their technical guys, there were numerous problems


1.       All their toll free numbers end up charging you,

2.       All their calls cut at 2:27 – 2: seconds,


I ended up talking with n number of customer care guys, some of them started recognizing me and started calling me by my first names by the end, but since it was a toll free number that was charging me quite viciously underneath, all my talk time was lost  in idle talk in which I could not even get a single technical point driven,


But they did ask me to use this extra modem initialization command AT +CRM =1 and finally  that did help me, they also asked me to go the device maneger, and got to ports and change the bitrate too 115200, from 9600,


I had kept my 0 talk time sim card out and out my roaming card in the side for the time being, but as fate had it, early morning, due to some god forsaken reason the sim fell on the ground and the maid , swept it to bottom post pits of hell never to be found back.

Well, I had to go to the police station for the diary and then to the Kankurgachi , Vodafone center to get a new sim and that took 7 -8 hours to register.

With a fotograph and a desperate attempt to get a voters id Xerox done, I have the scanner but this printer cartridge though bought for 250 every time, somehow dries up the moment you want to take  a print out,


Then starts the real thing, I start my day today thinking that the Tata Indicom photon device is having an issue and it will be resolved by their Engineer in the VSNL building here in Ultadanga, and I go there, they plug the device in another machine and there it works fine,

Their engineers give up, obviously they were network engineers, but in spirit and knowledge  far behind me when it comes to work for my company,


I cam back , heavy hearted, all the way to my home here in Laketown, sit down for some time,

check all the device drivers, install regrun gold suite, and then rescan and scan, search online for a lot of help, Finally I find that the eacfilt miniport WAN PORT in the devices list has a yeoow exclamation {!} mark on it,


why is it so?

and where doe this eacmacfilt come from ,

I searched for the dll s and the syn files with mac filt  or eac names

I find it in the Synopsys VPN location in the Program Files , I do some maths and figure out that the VPN is gone,


I uninstall it and then find the tata photon thing to be working, but when I installed the vpn back with the internet on it again interrupted with the wan miniports and I understood I have to install the VPN while not online, somehow something bad happens.


So I redid the steps, uninstalled the vpn client,

rebooted the machine

then without logging to the net, I reinstalled the vpn client


then  after checking that they are working fine together


I go and resintallt the netlimiter software that caught one the svchost process using up a lot of the bandwidth, I finally kill it, and restart my machine,


Now that all things done,


I go out for some evening adda, I went to this Diamond City complex here in the Nagerbazar, the prices are pretty high and the maintenance is 1.88 per sft,

I did talk with some brokers today for some flats here in North Kolkata,

Let me see, some , good Kolkata flats in Kaikhali, Shyam Bazar area are pretty good, it is all a matter of first sealing this deal off of selling this flat here in Laketown and then moving for the next location,


All difficult time ahead, and places like Diamond city ,hurts me, Makes me see things, that I should not try for . 3000 per sft is high, coz a 1200 sq ft flat will cost about 36L and then you have registration another 3 lakhs ad covered parking for another 3 lakhs plus wood work for 1,5 lakhs

which comes to 41 lakhs and I really cannot put in that kind of money ……

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