Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Search

Today I saw the banner for the movie 2012

I saw the trailer on Youtube, you can catch it there, too


Today is the 9th of October starting,

Don’t know the results of the first Champions League match, Virat Kohli , the next big superstar is playing in it,

I can bet my entire fortune (which sums up to mere …)  that here lies the next captain of this country,


Dhoni with some unexplainable luck , and unfathomable  quiet, will not last and that I am sure


It was a good ploy to promote, Cricket in Jharkhand and nothing else,


Still, amongst some search results, I saw this site


Go and read it some time and let me know what the hell , ( or is it hell they are talking about ? )


All I know is that if some alien species were to invade us, we should not show them a sprawling city like New York,

or Paris,


Please send them to Afghanistan. Those sticky guys will face any thing, happily, and as Russell Peters says  “ You don’t kill me  . I keeeel mee “


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