Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Strange things morning of Oct 7 2009


after some good minutes with my manager, some how, he is trying to be sweet, may be he got a promotion and is leaving us, and trying to leave with all the happiest of memories.


Anyways,there is something that I wanted to talk about when it comes to Hindi movies, I was watching this Czech movie in World Movies, ( india is opening up to them  ) though these

channels are yet to get any advertisements and that keeps me happy that I can watch them at ease. The movies title in English is Divided we fall, I could get only a few minutes of it,


The reality of a love affair between a Germal officer and a Jewish girl in the times to the dreaded Nazi, though , enough literature exists in the world libraries about it, and inspite of Iranians

authorities rejecting any such claim of Holocaust, these visuals that were created in the movies later have a lot to tell.


Well, on one side there is the real world of these movies, and a dreamer would not want to see the world this way, he will put colors, he will put some music, he will put some logic

that he finds suitable and see the dream the way he wants it, But there is a problem guys, Though my dreamers world sounds like a Hindi movie, the catch is that, even a dreamers dream

will not be wanting to emulate to simulate a bollywood movie for any such sane reason.

I am not sure, who watches it, may be the same Biharis, who flocked the Durga Puja pandals this Puja, and spoiling all the fun.


I am not sure, on what grounds, the Indian movie industry , produce, such , abhorrent pieces of work, problem is with new culture, they want to put a good show and some reality

and try to show us some complex characters, some good lives, some complicated affairs, the fun is that, they are too dramatic to start with and too stereotype to end with


What was the need for Chak De to make the Indian team win, what was the need for Shahrukh Khan to come back to India in Swadesh, average people don’t do that ,

Please , don’t tell me stories of John Galt, and Howard Roark, it is we the normal people that live on this earth


Why Ishant Avasthi has to top the art class, why Amir has to make movies like Lagaan, Even Charlie Chaplin with all his wanton activities and insane movements, finally had to accept life

as it was by the end of the movie


It is Mera Naam Joker that made Raj Kapur immortal, had Jay in Sholay survived and Jaya Bacchan remarried, Sholay would not have been Sholay, Had the guide not become the saint

that he was made to be,

Still, seriousness apart,

a strange thing happened today , I got to listen to some music on MTV,  believe me what “ MTV was showing some songs  “


Chor Bazari do naino ki ……… tu na badly mai naa badla dekh saari Delhi badal gayi ….



Delhi waaloh, sirf Delhi badly hai , Elite Delhites who don’t go out, will argue that Delhi badal gayi, but as Chidoo says, aam Delhites are still the same, courtesy (the just avoid thems and the imported


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